The Perfect Fun Activity For
Children To Drive Their Own
UFO Bumper Car

Telephone: 07961 748547

Events (Schools) / Shows and Parties

We at Bubble Of Fun are pleased to be one of the first to offer this new FUN/ Exciting and more importantly CHILD friendly ride in the UK. Using our experience from our other childern’s rides ‘Bubble of fun’ and ‘Boat of fun’ we are confident this new ride will become very quickly another must see CHILDREN’S ATTRACTION at shows / schools/ Fairs etc across the country.

This new ride is perfect for school events as the wheels of this ride are ideal for any school playground surface.

Parents, why not hire us for your birthday parties as Carz of fun is the perfect fun and entertainment for all those children that want to enjoy something a little different at their parties.

We can be seen at many shows around the UK and If you are the organiser of a show, and you want to see ‘Carz of fun’ at your event please use our contact page. We also covered with £5m PL insurance placed with Aviva Insurance.